Saint Paul Lives on Earth: (...and so does God.)

Author: Johnny Bellview


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This is a book that tells all about Saint Paul's past and current lifetimes, including Saint Paul's trips to heaven. It tells about Saint Paul's interactions with God, and it is a real shocker of a book, but not on purpose. This book also includes everything that I know about reincarnation. I am hoping that it could lead to scientific progress, in hopes that we can all live forever, the way that religion intends.

This book also tells all about Saint Paul's wonderful mother, who is one of the secret heroes of religion. This book shows that God became a real wild card, and that is how he is able to heal others. The greatest healers don't have enough brain space to have morals. That space is used for storing the magic to heal others. This is a book that everyone can learn from. The only reason that I have decided to publish such a dangerous book, is because everyone will be able to at least know as much as I know about reincarnation, and the promises of the Bible. 

Johnny Bellview was born in America, and he attended school in the United States. He has a passion for education, and graduated from college in the United States. He has a devoted love of children, and is a music lover. More than anything, he wants society to learn whatever it takes, for eternal life to become a reality. Johnny Bellview has chosen to reside in the United States, and he is 40 years old. He studied the Bible, and many other important literary works, before writing this unique and important book. He hopes that it is not too shocking to read, with enjoyment.

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