The Art of Closeted Random Thoughts

Author: Joseph Bradley Phillips


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I write without boundaries. Without walls, pure transparency. So that every single pupil that is dilated reading my literature can see right through me and understand what I once couldn’t. There’s a code and dialect in the secret of writing, the only way to break it or solve it is by perceiving it as a reality no matter what genre the literature falls under, fact being in reality we can see it. Therefore it is clear to the brain and understood by the eye. Random thoughts is a complete distortion of random conversations I had with myself throughout the years. Questions, statements, metaphors, nouns, pronouns, and a whole bunch of literature junk recycled onto a paper with a pen. The classic way.

I’ve found myself mentally incarcerated without writing and setting myself free, no matter the measures reached after letting them go. My burdens and my blessings in life (experiences) have left me with nothing but a slight beacon of hope, that one day I’d prevail in helping that one reader smile and actually think, without having to personally be there. This one is dedicated to every single soul that’s felt like there was no hope or chance for redemption, to those who thought time was a possession lost and all hope was unfathomable. You are strong and righteous as any other success story ever read and told. May all of these thoughts light your eyes and make you laugh as hard as they made me cry. Every bad ass out there who deserves a shot at life, this one’s for you.

Joseph Bradley Phillips was born and raised in Queens, New York. He’s best known for his looks and work in fashion that eventually transcended into his journey as a writer. He’s publicly made a wave by participating in activism work amongst the LGBTQ Community and has given selfless time to make a difference with the little voice he’s been given. This book is a dear possession he’s held for some time and has finally felt that it is time to share with the world. The relationship with the quotes are very intimate and meant to be interpreted as one sees fit and can either relate to or describe. Just like a hot cup of coffee, sip it gracefully and enjoy the awakening realization of every message to the point where you find yourself ready to conquer. Heads up while looking down every one.

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Black & White

Pages: 100 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Poetry

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