Workinger Bones, with a Perry Heart

Author: Rachel Workinger Perry


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You really are ENOUGH, even if others try to make your feel like you don't matter.

What is your worth? When we become aware of our own self-worth, we begin to transform into who we were always meant to be. No excuses, simply hard work, mindfulness, and vulnerability.

Whose standards are you living by? If we live our lives by our own standards, goals and expectations then we are free from the judgement and external validation of unhealthy comparisons.

How are you defined? Being able to self-validate can improve our quality of life while having the ability to know that our strengths and weakness do not define our value.

Reimaging our thinking can help us to become a better version of ourselves.

Trauma, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress can be impacted by complex risk factors based on life experiences. Self-love and intentional living can help each of us improve our life experience as well as help us advocate for change in our own lives.


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Genre: Biography

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