The Fated Celestials

Author: Aiyana Emmons


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Assassin, Pawn, Monster, Merikrana.

All Eliana had ever known were those few names and that she was a toy under the thumb of the Chancellor.

But what happens when two kings decide to give her a chance?

Will the pawn become the strongest player on the board?

Battles are determined by how well one knows their opponent, but what happens when Eliana’s world is turned upside with Elios and Kahlan at her side?

With war on the horizon, Eliana hopes to prove to herself and the people that she meets that she is worthy of a second chance. Maybe she could even find her fated.

Aiyana Emmons is a fantasy romance author, who has been writing for over a decade. From poetry and short stories to whole new worlds, writing has been her comfort. She has spent four years working on The Fated Celestials, the first book in her trilogy. Aiyana grew up loving the worlds of fantasy created by other authors with tales dragons and magic. So inspired by the authors she loved, she decided to create her own world full of dragons, magic, and romance. The world that she had created was not only inspired by the books she read but also by the games she played, her gaming party is full of chaos and they helped to inspire many characters or scenarios.

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Black & White

Pages: 550 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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