Young Bold and Physics

Author: Pearl Frye - Joplin


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Young Bold and Physics is part of a science book series created by Pearl Frye-Joplin. Do you want to introduce physics to your child and give them

a head start in learning science? Would you like to know how to bring clarity to complex subjects in a way that your child will understand and retain the

information? If you answered yes, this is the book for you! Ms. Frye-Joplin has instructed children as early as daycare through high school. In her first children’s

book, she introduces short stories, poems, as well as recall sections, which are designed to help students practice reading comprehension. Children of all ages

will be able to benefit from this innovative book series. There are scientific terms used in this book along with colorful illustrations that will further explain the

scientific concepts presented. It is fun, interactive, and exciting! Your child will gain an excellent foundation in basic physics concepts by the end of this book.

Pearl Frye – Joplin has a B.S. in Biology and an M.A. in Education and is currently a middle school science teacher.

She has taught high school, special education, biology, physics, chemistry, and environmental science. Pearl is passionate

about educating the youth in the sciences at every level. So many students have a false notion that science is too difficult.

The truth is, anyone can learn science! This book series is committed to dismantling the perception that science is

too difficult to learn, and it will encourage young people to persevere in their learning journey.

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Genre: Juvenile

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