Helena’s Legacy : Heir to the Bloodlords

Author: Trixxi Tellings


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Helena is a child with a hidden magical legacy. Her normal, gothic stylized lifestyle was about to turn upside down. Her family has kept many secrets from her and it is up to only her to find them out. Helena has her familiar by her side, a long haired black cat named Fergus, his soul mission is to protect her. Helena and Fergus are thrust into an unexpected adventure when Helena discovers the murder of her younger brother and the disappearance of her Mother. It is up to the nine year old little rookie witch to face deadly creatures, evil witches bent on domination, treacherous terrain and a world unlike her own. With Fergus by her side, along with his own hidden secrets, the pair must journey on to find Helena's mother and save the world before it is too late.

Trixxi is late up and coming in the writing world. Her writing started in middle school with poetry and short stories. Life takes a toll on the youth, which left Trixxi abandoning the writing she cherished the most. Recent tragedy in her life had turned her world gray, however, the magic of a great story would change her future. Trixxi sat down and wrote out a plot, characters, and a storyline and the rest was history. Her writings are for those who have imagination beyond this world. She hopes to spread her own creativity to you, the readers, the real people. Her writings are as unique as her personal story. She shares her journey beside a wife and her daughter. Her family is the inspiration for her entire existence. Trixxi Tellings puts her soul into her writings and she truly hopes you enjoy each piece. The readers are the source of imagination and the stories we tell our children.

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Black & White

Pages: 438 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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