The Inner Exchange

Author: Tempesst Walker


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This is more than a book its freedom. For every woman who have or currently questioning herself, her life and even God at times. With so much going on in the world it is so easy to get caught up in the war that rages around you and within you.

News Flash!

There’s more good than you think just take a look within.

In this book you will discover yourself, and current circumstances in a new way. By doing so, this enables you to adapt and make that necessary changes needed to take place around and within you, but most of it all you will see God in a new way.

Remember it’s not what you see it’s what you believe. Your greatest enemy is the inner me.

As a woman who grew up in New Orleans, born and raised in the project’s public housing community (Desire) I am the fifth child of six siblings. I was raised in the church yet I have seen a lot growing up both good and bad. Nothing brings me more joy than to help someone feel like they can make it through their pain because I didn’t have it, But what I have always had is a relationship with God. Throughout my life trials and triumphs from a little girl who felt all alone never fit it, often misunderstood, even heartbroken Yep! I wanted to give up so many times but my love for God and writing through my pain help me to conquer everything that wasn’t aligned with the purpose of God on my life. I never wanted no one to go through those silent battles alone so I use my writing and teaching as an ordained minister (Est 2014) as a tool to help women give this life there all and to know that they don’t have to go through pain alone there is a God and he cares and he lives. There is always purpose in pain and I am living proof. I went through so you can go through. Never ever give up on you because when you give up on you, you give up on God. I not only fight for women but I fight with women. The greatest fight is the one that’s within.

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Wonderful Job

A good friend of mine recommended I give this book a go and I really enjoyed it from start to finish. The author did an amazing job connecting with the reader and I loved “ My savior in the rain.” I would recommend this book!

by Maggie

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