Wake the Mirror

Author: Vincente Torboli


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Peer into the mirror and experience the weight of being doomed. Stories and poems that exist to give insights on the dread that befalls us when our inevitable demise presents itself, while also exploring some of mankind’s more unfortunate flaws.

From the terrors that men do to one another, to the unexplainable nightmares we conjure in our dreams, to the horrors of the incomprehensible expanse we call home. Through the mirror you will see what calamity awaits us all, and what catastrophe we can bring unto ourselves.

Through these tales of doom, remember that death is not the only thing waiting for us beyond the black.

Born in Calvert County Maryland in 1997, I first found my love for weird fiction and horror at the age of four. I witnessed a science fiction horror film that awed me, creating a curiosity and insatiable desire to indulge in more of this genre. Which I certainly acted upon. But more than any film I’ve watched or book I’ve read in my lifetime, what inspired me most to tell stories of my own was my teacher in the fourth grade, Dawn Fitzgerald. My love for reading and writing began then at the age of nine, when Dawn taught me the magic of storytelling through books, and the art of writing a compelling story. I owe this passion that has molded my life so dramatically to her, and will be forever grateful. Though she would undoubtedly not enjoy the subject matter, I do dedicate this book to Dawn, as I finally achieved a lifelong dream of publishing a book. A dream that would not have been possible without her. I myself have suffered from intense sleep paralysis episodes, and horrific vivid nightmares since childhood. Many pieces in this collection, especially the more abstract ones, were inspired by those images my brain forced upon me in my unconscious hours.

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Black & White

Pages: 174 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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