Vocabulary Parade

Author: Chanelle Clark Rodriguez


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Acceptance, sense of belonging and being included are what may children strive for. Each year over 2 million children dress up for Halloween.

However, there lingers a small percentage of children that do not participate due to various religions. Small children learn best through play, in which case dressing up for dramatic play allows them to express themselves in their own way. Vocabulary Parade gives children the chance to execute imaginative faculty and creative power.

Vocabulary Parade is about just that! This story gives children the chance to be creative and use their imaginations while also allowing children to spend quality time with their families. This 746 word story is about a young child named Bubba who is learning the difference between celebrating Halloween and participating in a Vocabulary Parade. Bubba's parents try to encourage him to be more creative and imaginative by hand crafting a costume rather than purchasing one.

Bubba spent some time with his family creating an awesome costume!

However in the back of his mind, he wanted to wear a costume his parents would buy. This book is intended for children ages 4 to 6.

Chanelle Clark Rodriguez is a wife and a mother of two. Chanelle grew up in Trenton, New Jersey and graduated in 2005. She was constantly aware that she wanted to work with children and make a difference. Early childhood education is known to be a critical period for child development in which Chanelle does not take lightly. She relishes teaching young children, helping them to learn and grow in their developmental stages which pursued her to achieve obtaining a child development associate (CDA). Teaching as an early childhood educator for over 14 years, Chanelle has been able to greatly assist in developmental areas such as language learning, problem solving and day to day expansion of awareness and knowledge. She is a firm believer in knowing that children learn best through play because play allows the child's mind flexibility to grow through creative expression. Chanelle has been greatly impacted by the love of her students and their families over the years and is perpetually reassured that she is good at what she does. It is her greatest hope that readers would come to recognize her enthusiasm for children through reading Vocabulary Parade.

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Perfect present

This book is very unique and I think perfect to start the holidays. I got my daughter one and donated to her school because is such a creative book with a nice message. I am going to get one for my nephew that likes transformer and get another one for my daughter again. Thinking about a present? This is perfect! #supportourauthorteacher

by Josephine


This book is so beyond cute! My kids love it and enjoy the colorful pictures designed by the author! Nothing like teaching your kids you can build something out of things around the house instead of buying it from the store. Beyond cute and recommended to buy!

by Melanie

Great children book

It was great to teach my kids about creativity while reading this book! Great read

by Joell

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