Bangladesh Under Awami Tyranny

Author: Q M Jalal Khan, Zoglul Husain & Zoglul Husain


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Bangladesh under the Hasina-led traumatically tyrannical and transgressive Awami

regime is a story of disaster and damnation. The fraud and fascist regime, a lackey of Indian

hegemonism and Hindutvaism, recklessly pursues a policy of death and destruction, at

least since 2009. The country used to be ruled with the same policy of elimination and

annihilation during the time of her father Sheikh Mujib in 1972-1975 as well. The miserable

condition led to his unlamented death and dismissal, to the joy and relief of the people of

all walks of life, including his own Awami party and the armed forces. Now the situation

under his daughter Sheikh Hasina is much worse. She is at the top of an Indian puppet

regime that is corrupt and criminal to the core making the great majority suffer in the

ongoing choking and suffocating circumstances of state terrorism. People live an utterly

insecure and frightened life in a highly polarized police and prison state of chains and

shackles, boots and bullets. torture and torment, bestial appetites, pervert human

intellect and endless malice against the political opposition. The regime’s brutalities know

no bounds; its persecution and prosecution of dissent are unlimited; its foot soldiers are

deadlier than anything. They and their partisan police and RAB are brazenly emblazoned

figures of the seven deadly sins, just as their Hindutva cult following leader Hasina, dubbed

by critics as ‘Mother of Mafias,’ is an illiberal embodiment of all mischiefs and misdeeds. A

fascist dictator, she is a tigress in human form, hungry for humongous accumulation of

autocratic and authoritarian power and control at the expense of freedom, independence,

sovereignty, and human rights. A viciously vindictive tyrant, again, backed by the

fanatical and fundamentalist Hindu nationalist India, Hasina enjoys innocent adversaries

liquidated; massacres committed; innocent people gunned down; politicians, intellectuals

and journalists arrested, remanded, tortured, thrown behind bars, and even hanged;

opposition members detained or disappeared; houses and neighborhoods set on fire;

religious festivities violently tainted; desecration of holy books exploited and flames of

communal fires fanned for gaining political mileage; women and children raped; banks

and billions looted; and the poor committing suicide or dying of hunger. In the name

of development, mostly fake and fictitious, and dented and demented, floodgates to

corruption are opened, mega millions stolen, democracy killed, opposition suppressed,

elections rigged, drugs made available in plenty, institutions left to collapse, education to

fail, professionalism in professions going down the drains, transparency and accountability

going to the dogs, and thus Pandora’s box of ills and evils continuing to be released with

no stop in sight. This book is an attempt to capture only a portion of the dark tunnel of all swallowing

Awami tyranny and all its abysmal tentacles spreading across Bangladesh for

years and years with no end in sight.

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Pages: 570 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Political Science

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