Bird's Eye View: The Lonely Road

Author: Robert


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From the dusty Arizona roots to the big, bright city lights in New York. A story of hard work, dedication and heartache. Bird’s Eye View tells the story of working life away, achieving everything imaginable, the lonely road to success, living out the dreams, life at the top and only to come to realize that missing out on the smaller things in life was the biggest regret. From the Bean Box to Drop Me in the Water, Rob worked life away, never taking the time to smell the roses. As Rob’s 100th birthday approaches, Rob decides that life isn’t too late, he stops to smell the roses, admire the sunsets and comes back down from the bird’s eye view, remembering his Arizonan roots, fancy New York parties and his love interests.

At age 24, I found myself chasing the “bird’s eye view’ lifestyle, I began writing to help remind myself to slow it down, you only have one life, why chase the dream without having fun? Coming from an old dirt road in Wittmann, Arizona, writing was my escape and as time went on, I knew this was a passion of mine and I knew I would achieve it, although “Bird’s Eye View” is my first book, I can assure you, I have millions of stories to share!

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Pages: 104 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Fiction

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