The Unforgivable - If The Walls Could Talk, Would You Listen?

Author: Crystal Thomas


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This is the story of a small-town girl raised in the Missouri Bootheel, enduring abuse and neglect as a child and dismissed by those in power that should have protected her. She encounters the unjust racial disparity because she finds love in a boy who doesn’t fit the description of acceptable by her mother and stepfather. Therefore, she is forced into a relationship that will change her life forever. Through it all, she never gives up and never loses hope that she will one day rise above it all and escape the horrors of her reality.

Growing up a small town girl in a small town world, I overcame the lack of love, protection, and trust from those who should have been there for me. I overcame abuse, neglect, and betrayal as a child. I overcame teenage pregnancy and domestic abuse and rose above all odds to be the best mother I could be to my children, to continue my education and accomplish my dream of becoming a nurse practitioner, and ultimately, to achieve real love, loyalty, and respect in a relationship. I share my story to inspire others. Do not give up hope, and remember, no matter where you came from or what you have been through, you do not have to let these define you.

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Astonishing Story

Crystal Thomas managed to tell a truly beautiful story about her trials and tribulations while she grew up in a world where the system was always against her. I love how she is able to empower women and demonstrate how no matter what walk of life you coke from you can make it in this world with hard work, dedication and love for you family. This is a beautiful and captivating story that you must read!

by Malakai Patton

Captivating and Truly Emotional

The Unforgivable is a truly captivating book with a beautiful plot of how a young girl can encounter so many trials and tribulations and still manage to do well for herself and her family. This is a story of how love helps empower all of us and this is a truly inspiring story to women all over the world. This is a must read that will have you on the edge of you seat with you unable to put the book down! The author does well with the transition process between time gaps and telling the story in such a way that makes it easy for the reader to follow along on her journey and give first person insight on what she dealt with. Beautifully written I must say. Great Job Mrs. Thomas.

by James Franko

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Pages: 104 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Autobiography

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