Schikan's Fruit Salad

Author: Kathika Sivanesamudaly


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Schikan’s Fruit Salad is a book that has been carefully designed to promote and encourage integrated learning methods. With Mathematics being at the heart of the book, it features numerous other topics and subjects such as Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Diversity and much more. Simultaneous learning skills are vital for children’s success in the Education system. This is often not acknowledged enough and easily overlooked by us as adults. The aim of this book is to promote integrated learning in a manner that is not overwhelming and overbearing but interesting and engaging for children. It is essentially also a book full of fun facts, a book of endless questions, a book full of learning opportunities, a book to start off conversations and most importantly a book to enjoy!

Kathika Sivanesamudaly is best known for being an Outstanding Mathematics Teacher. Although her background in Economics and Specialisation in Mathematics may seem very arithmetical, her biggest passion in life is to teach and educate children. Having observed numerous classes, schools and curriculums across the United Kingdom in preparation for her role as a Head of Year, she began training on how to best transition students from lower school to upper school. This is when she came up with the concept for ‘Schikan’s Fruit Salad’. She featured her favourite subject, as you all guessed Mathematics, amongst many other subjects to promote and encourage simultaneous learning, without making it feel overwhelming or challenging. Instead making it entertaining and enjoyable, as she believes education should be. She designed this book using various differentiation methods in order to boost integrated learning and build confidence making this book accessible to all children regardless of age and ability. “If any child reads this book and leaves without having learnt a single thing from it, I didn’t do what I set out to do” – Kathika

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Good book

Good book, my daughter enjoyed very much. Fantastic illustrations

by Melissa

Good book

Good book, my daughter enjoyed very much. Fantastic illustrations

by Melissa

Good illustrations

Beautiful illustrations!

by Pete

Good book

Very nice read for children! I have shared with all my friends and families! Soft cover book is a good price

by Kalyani

Exciting and Engaging

Very good for 10-13 year olds in particular I would say based on my opinion

by Jake K


Best children’s book I’ve read to my children in a very long time. I recommend highly

by Santhi

Well written and beautifully Illustrated

Beautiful story about a mother and son spending quality time shopping for fruits, sharing fun facts. Inspired me to do the same with my son!

by Liz

Thoroughly enjoyed this book

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book to my children. The illustrations are simply amazing. Great motive !

by Janet

Deserving of the glowing reviews

5 star book with a 5 star story. My twins loved this book

by Peter

Great book

Enjoyed this book with my daughter. I bought this book having read all the great reviews and I was not dissatisfied. Fantastic book, highly recommend. My daughter is 8 and she enjoyed it thoroughly

by Anna


Good book. I will buy this for friends and family with little children.

by Sung

When is the next book coming out

I can’t wait. My little daughter loves this book. Wonderful representation of culture

by Kevin T

Highly recommend

Highly recommend this book. It is very educational and it covers such a variety of topics

by Lexy


Fantastic book. It is so clear that an expert in the industry has written this book. Very clearly and precisely executed this fantastic read for children .

by Janice

My goodness, what a read

This book needs to be in all the windows of all the bookstores in town! I will be deeply offended if it is not. Amazing amazing book. My children learned so much. Wow, I have never felt this strongly about a children’s book before !

by Robert Rodriguez

Best book I have seen for kids in a long time

It is very rare these days to get a detailed in depth book for children that doesn’t just focus on one minor topic. Buy this book and educate your children. The flags were a brilliant aspect to the book.

by Kate Spinner

Great book for kids

My kids loves this book. I loved this book. We all learnt something.

by Edit Oluwatunde

Truly inspiring

I don’t usually write reviews but this book deserves it ! This book said it will be a conversation starter and YES IT WAS! Me and my 11 year old daughter spoke about race! Disabilities ! China ! Mexico! Nutrition! Global warming ! And it was awesome ! This book is truly inspiring! We are so excited about a sequel. A MUST buy!

by Latta D

Highly recommend

Wow! My son loved it so much. Race, diversity, inclusiveness and other subjects delivered so beautifully! Both my son and I learned together and it made me bond with him:)

by Christina A

Good stuff

Highly recommend! Does exactly what it intends to do. As a teacher myself, I can see the integrated learning that is so subtlety intertwined by this author. Pure genius!

by Juliana Fernandes

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