The last polymath of the Islamic World- Shaykh Ahmed Raza Khan

Author: Naseeb Ahmed Siddiqui


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Shaykh Ahmed Raza Khan (1856-1921) is an Indian, Sunni, Hanafi, Maturidi, and

a Sufi scholar who is recognized as the leader of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jammat in the

subcontinent. His following dominates the social religious domain of the Muslims of

several countries around the world including, especially India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,

the UK, Africa, and others. This book introduces Shaykh Ahmed Raza Khan as the

last polymath of the Islamic world by contextualizing his encyclopedic academic

contribution in the modern context. By venturing to write in more than 56 branches

of knowledge like Islamic Jurisprudence, Hadith, Quran translation, Mathematics,

Astronomy, Philosophy, Theology, Politics, Physics, Chemistry, literature, poetry,

and so on, therefore, representing the last polymath of the Islamic world. The book,

also, for the first time provides the known list of works in the English language

along with a synopsis. The book aims to de-construct the popular notion about his

personality and put his contribution in front of modern science and the political

changes the last century has gone through. This analogy highlights the importance

and value of his argument that was proposed during the First World War in British

India. That how he single-handedly defended the Islamic creed from Wahabism

and the challenges posed by modern science. This book will be a paradigm shift in

understanding the Islamic intellectual history in the 20th century.

The Author started his academic journey as a Diploma and completed his Bachelors

from the Institution of Engineers (I.E.I India) while working as the Deputy

Manager at Essar Projects India Limited. After this, he secured a Master by research

degree from `International Islamic University Malaysia’s focusing on natureinspired

wingtip devices. Currently, he is enrolled as a Ph.D. student in Canada

at Ontario Tech University. The author has published original articles in different

fields in reputable journals like the International Journal of Aviation, Aeronautics,

and Aerospace, Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, Hamdard Islamic, Intellectual

Discourse, Philosophy of science and technology and IIUM Journal of Religion and

Civilisational Studies. Additionally, presented papers in national and international

conferences like the CSME conference in Canada, the ILEM conference in Istanbul,

and the IJAS conference, Harvard, The USA.

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