Truth of the Times: The Bible, Transhumanism and Covid-19

Author: Jon Rossiter


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This book proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this entire pandemic has been carefully planned and mapped out for many years to achieve a nefarious agenda. It contains endless government and public health documentation, various articles, scientific papers and video sources coming from a vast variety of sources including the White House, Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, W.H.O., G.P.M.B., John Hopkins University, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Unites Nations, ID2020, various central banks, patent information, NASA, journalists, and many others. Within this book, Rossiter puts the pieces of the puzzle together and exposes the UN and WHO’s agenda 2030 and what it truly means for the future of society. It exposes the fact that this pandemic was played out in order to achieve a one world government and one world cryptocurrency system where government bodies have full control over the population through AI, mass surveillance, and digital ID. It shows that they want full power and control over all natural resources, food, water and every single economic transaction. Rossiter shows how the Bible has prophecied all of these events in unimaginable detail, as well as many other current global circumstances and he believes that we are the last generation that this current age of the earth will see and that Jesus Christ’s second return is very near. He expertly references many different scriptures that directly tie into today’s events in astonishing and breathtaking ways to fully prove these very bold statements. This book will take you to places you’ve never been before and your life will never be the same.

Jon Rossiter is an author dedicated to seeking truth both socially, economically and spiritually. In his writing, he describes how it is important to have knowledge and discernment of the world around us and to always question the narrative of authority and government bodies. He believes if we continue to give our rights and freedoms away in the name of safety, we will never see them return as they were before. He believes the Bible is the living Word of the one true God and passionately speaks of how we can come to Him for truth in todays government take over, economic collapse and famines. 

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Genre: Religion

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