Rays of Inspirations - Through a Bouquet of Poetry and Paintings

Author: Dolan Champa Saha, PhD


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This is a compilation of my paintings and poems, capturing few precious moments of inspiration with my higher self, embodying the call of my inner journey to align my spirit with something vaster. Sometimes they are profound communications to a personalized form of a higher light, love, and power, felt deep within my heart, to which the invocations have been made.

It is a story of joy and light of human aspiration, the depths of fire in our hearts, longing for a greater love and touch, beyond the clutches of ego. It is an invitation to respond to the call of an awakening beauty, to merge in the greater essence of one’s being.

Many times, it is my walks in nature that inspired this deeper joy, as the all-empowering force of nature’s creative beauty and her intelligence filled me in awe. At times, the lines of the poems came as words during my sleep, driving, walking, eating… and then it felt like sentences were getting constructed before me. The words took the form of poems, while the images formed stimuli for my artistic soul and paintbrush strokes. At times, my brain felt on fire and my hands moved, hence, wrote pages in a hurry. Later on, more creative touches were added for rhyming and refining but tried to keep the initial inspirations as original as possible.

To understand the depths of the words, one might have to touch within oneself the pure innocence of a child, not yet touched by social conventions and its laws - where one can believe to be nestling in the arms of a sweet love, reposing in playful dreams of inner freedom, warmed by the benevolence of a smiling wisdom!

Dolan Champa Saha, PhD (Microbiology) is an ardent writer who strengthens with each experience - be it creative or scientific. Her artistic side lends an insightful, aesthetic style, to mundane things, crafting beauty through expressive elegance. She is also an accomplished scientific researcher who received multiple awards, scholarships, and national and international fellowships in India, the US, and Canada. A university gold-medalist at her master’s level, she completed her PhD at India’s premier Medical Institute, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences with two international research fellowships at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York. Later she worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Calgary, with two Canadian scientific fellowships.

Dolan lived in various places in India and abroad of varied languages, cultures, and art. This helped her to embrace the confluence of diverse creative spirits and ethnicity. She is a motivated self-learner with various publications, presentations, and experiences in different scientific and cultural forums. She also loves to do Indian dance, music, poetry recitation, and painting.


Spirituality has always been an integral part of her life. The first stirs of that benevolence touched her in myriad forms in her childhood that later propelled her inner quest. Various poems, dreams, musings, and artistry works flowed like a stream, at those moments. The expression of her book Rays of Inspirations, through a bouquet of poetry and paintings, captured a few droplets of those precious inspirations and embodied the reflections she felt at her deepest moments. Presently she lives in Canada, enjoying motherhood, the artful beauty of nature’s snow-capped mountains, and creative ingenuity.

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