The Battle For Love: Part Two

Author: Denise Vern MCcray Williams


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The battle for love 2 talks about my life experiences in life and the

drama I had to go through just to feel some type of companionship in

life rather it was with associate to get the respect and love that I thought

people had to give to me until I had to learn how to give it to myself

whether it was boyfriends, girlfriends, family members or exes. It talks

about how I had to learned things the hard way life. Because I thought I

knew it all and was too hardheaded to listen to anyone for advice. What

I had to implement into my own life to get the love I so much desired.

How I went about getting the results. Learning not to settle for less

because I am worthy of self -love and respect to myself.

I wasn’t ready for things I went through in life. I

just went through life on life terms an dealt with

the battle I have gave myself because I so much

wanted to be love and understood, but that wasn’t

the case. I had to learn the hard way and know

people will always misunderstand me because they

judge me from my past and they look at me as a

failure or not good enough in their eyes. I didn’t

ask for some of things I experience but I think God

he was with me in the battle to be understood and loved.

I’ve learned to keep it moving and never give up on me.

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Genre: Biography

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