REWIRE YOUR BRAIN: True changes can occur in brain for healing

Author: Nasrin Khan MD


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Healing from trauma can occur. It is possible to heal by rewiring your brain by neuroplasticity. When you constantly train your brain of some healing process by practicing some exercises, real changes occur in your brain. But healing process is an ongoing practice, you have to keep that in mind. It’s not like physical illness for which you give medications and you are cured. It is an ongoing practice throughout your life. Sometimes you might feel like you will never heal but it is possible by practicing few tools.

I am Nasrin Khan MD. I graduated from Mymensing Medical College in Bangladesh. I completed my residency at Brookdake University Hospital in Internal Medicine and at Kingsbrook Jewish Hospital in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Thereafter, I continued my attending-ship work at several institutions and now landed at Creedmore Psychiatric Center as a Medical Specialist. I am also a certified Health Coach and Life Coach.

My greatest passion is healing people who have been through traumatic/stressful experiences. My current position has enabled me to pursue this as I work closely with patients in the psychiatric unit. Furthermore, as a life coach, I’m able to extend my skills to non-psychiatric patients as their mentor.

In short, my training in various modalities has earned me the ability to work with persons facing challenges in mental health, personal relations, and business management etc.

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