The Hidden World

Author: Jaycee Purper


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After the earth was split in two, one of Magic, the other of Science, they are destined to collide and wipe out humanity. It is up to Ida Hope Fields, a girl who was living her life as any 18 year-old would until stumbling into a world of magic she never knew existed. With the help of Elmric, a charming wizard boy she meets in the magical world, she is sent to find and mend pieces of the Heart of Clanstine.

Through this adventure, can Ida balance maintaining the life she's always known on top of saving our divided planet in this Hidden World?

Jaycee Purper, a young idealist, who began pursuing a dream of publishing a novel series. Jaycee has a wide plethora of hobbies such as piano, basketball, drama, dance, gymnastics, ballet, sewing, concert band, marching band, and training to obtain a private pilot's license. These activities led her to find a comfort in fiction reading, which inspired her to write a story she wished to read. The story reflects the trial of finding clarity with her father's inevitable passing from his heart condition. Jaycee worked for years since the sixth grade to refine her thoughts and develop a book worth publishing after she turned eighteen. One she hopes will comfort, inspire, and entertain others.

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Black & White

Pages: 256 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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