Sofia Goes Voting

Author: George Lucaci


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This book is meant for elementary school children, and though it is challenging for this level, it is a learning tool that parents and teachers can use to engage and inform our young citizens. Young children need to learn about voting from an early age. In today’s United States, more and more citizens are engaging in politics through participation in elections. Voting is a powerful means of direct democracy that allows individuals to voice their opinions on issues they care deeply about. By electing representatives who share those same values, we can, through civic engagement, ensure that our voices are heard at all levels of government.

From an early age, you can help children become better informed on topics close to home, such as pollution and climate change, and global issues, such as human rights violations, and access to food and water. This encourages them to be socially conscious and inspire their peers.

Additionally, when young people understand that policies impact people beyond themselves, they gain the motivation to vote when they turn eighteen. Giving our youth insight into what makes up fair representation leads to a constituency keenly aware of its rights, cultivating our future leaders.


George Lucaci is the son of Romanian immigrants, Peter and Larisa, who left Romania after World War Two. He and his sister, Larisa, were raised on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio. He attended Duke University, later establishing the George Lucaci Permanent Endowment for Non-Fiction.

Mr. Lucaci sat on numerous academic advisory boards and was president of the Board of Education in Summit, NJ. He sits on several non-profit boards focusing on low-income families’ educational and basic needs.

About the Illustrator:


Filis R. Diaz was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She grew up between the city and her grandmother’s beach house, a place that would inspire many of her illustrations.

At 22, she traveled throughout Latin America, visiting places like Peru and Brazil and residing in Ecuador and Argentina. In Argentina, she would find the inspiration to draw. Drawing would take her on a beautiful path to self-knowledge and observation.

Today she lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is a freelance illustrator. She draws almost every day about her memories, the amazing places she has visited, and the people she has met. Filis believes that memories make us who we are. @fi.rdiaz.

He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with his wife, Barbara Bird, and has three grown children.

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Pages: 28 | Trim Size: 8.5x11

Genre: Juvenile

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