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In the streetz of Trenton New Jersey Smoke puts his all into what he knows best hoping to get the hell out of the street life, and into a better life. At the same time his brother Hate runs around giving the streetz of Trenton New Jersey hell. When something bad happens in the life Smoke falls deep into the hands of a woman and she's put in the way of them both. What happens when a love for someone is so deep it overrides everything you've ever known? When this woman comes into this game is she the peace that mess the board up, and became the person that will stop everything that they have going good for themselves? Can she come between them and bring nothing but hell with her or will her love be just what's needed. As you read this you will see the real power behind women, and the life of the people in the streetz of Trenton New Jersey.

Brandon Butler is a loving man, and a blessed Father of 2. Being from Trenton New Jersey he has seen, lived, and understood the life of a black man in New Jersey. He has wrote this book of how life really is inside the streets of Trenton New Jersey everyday. Now in his 30's He wrote this book "When The Streetz Bleed" in hopes of giving his Daughters the best life he could. He would like to give his Daughters a better way out of the life of the streets. He wants them to have a better life than the one he had. He wrote this in hopes of giving them something to be proud of him for not being able to be in the life the way he needed and they needed him to be never stop him from loving them and wanting to give them the best he could. And with that he has gave them something that no one could ever take away from them. Something they'll have for life. With this he is giving them something so they can be able to make a better life for themselves. This is not for me this is for y'all La'teese Wimbush, and Stacey Butler. This is also for the Men and Women in the streets of New Jersey that can't speak for themselves. I got you!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone would like to contact the Author you can write him at 68 Jersey St. Trenton, N.J. 08618I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE BOOK.

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