Green Card Marriage

Author: Martyna Nowacka


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There’s a lot of shame coming from being an immigrant. Shame that I don’t think anyone should feel but it’s still there. For months I’ve been ashamed of not being able to get a job without a work permit or having my fiancé to sign every document for me on daily basis.

I thought that being an au pair was hard but as it turns out not being an au pair is even harder. If that wasn’t enough being in love complicates everything even more.

When I left London almost two years ago I could never expect all of this to happen. But hey, I still believe my story is a beautiful one and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Who is Martyna Nowacka? You'd think I knew that after writing a whole autobiography. I am a former Polish au pair, traveller, marathon runner, volunteer tour guide, "Pizza Girl" and many more. I'm also an immigrant. I'm full of pride and shame, happiness and depressive thoughts. I'm a girl who fell in love and not just with a boy. I'm a dreamer.

Above all I live in Northern VA with my amazing fiancé and this is my first attempt to become a writer.

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