Into the Night

Author: Alexander Coley


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“Into the Night” is a story about a young rabbit named Samuel Fluff who moved into a new home with his mother in a nearby forest where they expect more from life than when they were living on a farm. But unfortunately, the forest isn’t the safe home they were expecting it to be. After mentions of a contaminated river, howling wolves, and doors that lock as soon as the sun goes down, Samuel’s suspicions of the forest begin to rise. Things only get worse the night he wakes up and realizes that not only has his mother been kidnapped, but every other mother in the forest as well. Samuel takes an oil lamp, and his friend, known as “the Voice,” and together set out to find everyone.

Alexander Coley has finally found the time to sit still and write his first book, and is ready to present it to the world proudly. After spending excessive time wandering through the book aisles of his public libraries, digesting notable works of literature, and attending college for creative writing, the writer decided to make his first contribution to the craft. “Into the Night” is Coley’s way of meshing his love for lite horror with a fairytale-like way of storytelling.

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Black & White

Pages: 94 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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