Road to Havana

Author: Gary Ross Watkins


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In February 1957, seasoned journalist Herbert Matthews of "New York Times" sought to learn the truth in Cuba. Was Castro still alive with his "26th of July" movement in the Sierra Maestra Mountains?

With advice from Ernest Hemingway and seasoned scout Nadia Sanchez, Matthews is guided into the jungle, to sit and talk with Castro himself, before he's launched into the heat of a pitched battle and ultimately into the arms of Nadia.

This action-adventure/romance is a fictional account of a true story based on Matthews' scribbled notes sketched from his powerful interview with Fidel Castro. Considered "the interview of the century" Matthews is aided by the deep passion and drive of the indefatigable Nadia Sanchez.

Gary Ross Watkins, a Viet Nam veteran (B.A. Sociology/Psychology, San Diego State, B.A. Education, U of Manitoba, M.A. Sociology U of Man.)from Winnipeg, Manitoba left home at 18 to join US military, and through education and yearning to understand human behaviour he tried to find his way "home" again. Today as a retired teacher he spends his time traveling the countryside, with his dog, meeting folks from the heartland, who give him a sense of worthiness and purpose to this great human struggle.

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Pages: 98 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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