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Silence Death is more than a story about how I became a "loud" Christian. It's a compilation of personal testimonies, untold journal entries, dangerous prayers, and God-given revelations. The phrase, "silence = death" was something the Holy Spirit told me while taking a train in the summer of 2019. During that train ride, God told me to share the gospel with someone, but out of nervousness, I refused. After the person walked away, God immediately convicted me of my disobedience. I knew I was never going to see that person again, and then I clearly heard the Holy Spirit say, "silence = death." The Lord reminded me that if I don't share the gospel right away, my silence will lead to someone else's spiritual death. That message was the inspiration for this book, and my prayer is that while you read this book, you too would learn how to be "loud" about your faith in Jesus Christ. That you would become so bold, willing to preach the gospel and make disciples at work, at school, at the grocery store, while waiting for public transport, and at church.

About The Author: Elvis Manuel Alicea is a multi-vocational, college student, missionary, mentor, entrepreneur, worship artist, and evangelist from New Jersey, USA. After giving his life to Jesus as a 13-year-old, God freed him from depression, anxiety, sexual immorality, and passivity. Now, 8 years later, he is the president of his university's InterVarsity ministry, helping students and faculty understand their identity in Christ. Elvis is also connected to many other ministries across the globe, including 217 Church, Christ Church USA, Circuit Riders, and Believers Faith Outreach Ministries International. He is graduating this coming May with a bachelor of science degree in environmental science, with hopes of using his skills to bring the gospel of Jesus to those without clean environments around the world. As a creation care minister, his work will be centered around bringing the love of Jesus to everything God has created.

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Pages: 222 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Religion

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