The Art of Becoming Resilient : 16 Personal Experiences

Author: Glenn E. Richardson, PhD.


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The solution to every problem, the means to every dream, and all that anyone every needed, wanted or hoped for resides in the sea of energy, vitality, enlightenment, wisdom, and power that dwells within you and within the world around you. This book will help you to discover and access this energy, vitality, and wisdom that will help you to thrive through challenges and adversity. You will be guided through experiences to help you learn how to access your own innate resilient energy. To thrive through life challenges you will rediscover and utilize your childlike resilient energy emerging from your sense of adventure, play, spontaneity, and fun. Noble resilience guidance will help you to feel a greater increase in self-worth and esteem through personal goal achievement and the mechanism of altruism.

This book will guide you through character resilience which is the experience of conserving energy and feeling freedom from guilt through the mechanism of living within a chosen character framework. Ecological resilience is the experience of feeling an infusion of peace and energy from varied enriching environments including colors, natural settings, music, smells, pets and home environments among others. Universal resilience is the amazing experience of connecting to a source of wisdom, energy, and strength beyond normal consciousness. The book continues to explore ways to enrich one's intellectual resilience as well as his or her essential resilience (physical enrichment). The book then takes you on the journey of accessing strengths through the stages of recurring resiliency process.

Progression to thrive through life challenges begins with homeostasis, venturing, disruptions, using integrated health skills, experiencing answers to life challenges through resonation and quickening, and self-mastery. This resiliency process is the journey everyone must take to thrive through stressors and life challenges.

Glenn E. Richardson, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Utah, has authored ten books and dozens of academic journal articles, book chapters, and workbooks. He's provided trainings, speeches and workshops to more than six hundred audiences in the United States and in several other countries. Richardson is the author of the seminal article "The Metatheory of Resilience and Resiliency" in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. He's taught graduate and undergraduate resiliency classes for more than 35 years.

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