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Protect What's Yours tells a story of just how real the things cold really get in the inner cities all over globe. Silence Jihad and his best friend Spizz grew up in the projects in Atlantic City New Jersey, they had nothing growing up but each other and both vowed to have ones black by any means. Spizz is on a mission to take over not only the streets of Atlantic City, but also the East Coast as a whole. Silence on the other prefer the other side of the coin, MURDER FOR HIRE, which he learned from a young age that he had quite a talent for it, and not only used it for a means of a living but also to protect his right hands business and the projects in which they grew up.

Silence takes all contracts and each one being what they are strictly business, but one in particular will change everything! The Family is what they call themselves, consisting of Rozay and Rican, two young savages that they recruited when they came into the proper, which of course starts in the hood at around age 12, along with the rest of the youngin from the projects. Through Silence's long list of bodies comes war and several threats will get in the way of their empire but who will come out on top and will Silence's mayhem cost them everything? This book is part one of trilogy Book 2 PROTECT THE FAMILY AND Book 3 PROTECT WHAT'S RIGHT!

Fu Abdul Sa'eed born in Atlantic City and currently serving a 23-year sentence in Bayside State Prison, in the state of New Jersey. Fu Abdul Sa'eed is a man of principle above all and family over all. He believes that his way of life and situation shouldn't defy him, but rather inspire growth and change amongst his community. He believes strongly in turning negatives into positive, hence now being a published author. Anyone wishing to contact the author can do so by way of JPAY using SBI# 664350C.

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Black & White

Pages: 182 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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