A Turn for a New Age

Author: Hector Daniel Carlos


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When an innocent family gets robbed out of their job, in a world where money is being mercilessly snatched by its users, a new door opens up into a world where money no longer has any implement.

Luckily for this family, they manage to get out of their country to start a new life in a whole new different world, where people can now trust each other with a cooperation unlike anything seen before.

In the hope of greatly improving our society, I designed a community where people can get along with work etiquette as the prime resource, instead of using money. This would allow us to focus on what really matters in life; love, and friendship, while still making progress in technology, science, and arts, to ultimately live a happier and easier life.

This book specifically shows how such a community could work, in harmony, to make these amazing changes appear in real life.


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Pages: 282

Genre: Fiction


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