Oil Industry Value Chain Simulator: 1st Edition

Author: Silvestre Cassa Iombo


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Silvestre Cassa Iombo is a currently CEO of OIL FIELD Calculator. He has worked on deepwater oilfield projects: Girassol and Jasmim Phase 2, Dália, Rosa, Clov, Gimboa, and Kizomba Satellites; in shallow water oilfield projects: Morsa West. He worked on the 17 operations team and SONANGOL. He had the idea to develop the Oil Industry Value Chain Simulator when the author was studying at Louisiana State College in the late 90's. When he was taking the Reservoir Simulator course. He saw that there was a need to make a Simulator that integrates the reservoir to the Fuel pump. When the author was admitted to SONANGOL, he became interested in understanding the basic technical concepts, and commercial activities established in the Petroleum Field Development Act after participating in several Petroleum projects. The PTY project, Value Chain Simulator, started to be executed in 2004 when the author was working as a process engineer at Project Rosa. In 2004, first sketch of the value chain simulator was done by the Project team. During this phase of the project, the sketch of the Submarine Simulator was done. In 2007, the sketch of the production installation simulator in Italy was made when the author was participating in the Value Chain Management and Technique Course. In 2008, after the conclusion of the Value Chain Management and Technique course, the separation of the Submarine Simulator and installation was carried out by the Author. During his 2009-2010 Mission period in Houston, Texas, the author started to integrate the deep water project simulator, and the oil marketing simulator, Refinery, Logistics, Distribution, and fuel pump. In 2011, it started to integrate the onshore, deep water and Gas Chain Simulators. In the same year the Value Chain Simulator was successfully completed and tested. It began to be sold on the Angolan market by the company named SILVESTRE'S ENTREPRISE INCOORPERATED. Apart of this Silvestre Cassa Iombo gas developed one of the first calculator to project petroleum infrastructure and estimate its cost, OFC2000.

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