Imprisoned Emotion

Author: Joe Mendoza


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Having difficulty expressing emotions has always been my "M.O.", but the ability to turn a phrase has always come quite simple. These writings are expressions of emotions in and of themselves, that not only I've felt, but what I perceived to be commonly shared feelings, like heartbreak, depression, loneliness, faith, and loss of loved ones. I hope for these words to be relatable to a world I've struggled to relate with.

Father to an autistic child, and though never tested myself, it was pointed out to me that I displayed several tendencies that would lead others to believe I myself was on the spectrum. Having issues with social awkwardness and a history of little to no emotional fluctuation, made sense to me that it very well may be the case. I've since lost my son to cancer and it opened up certain emotional pathways I hadn't been down before. I still have my oldest son, for whom I would like to be a good role model for but know he received the brunt of my lack of expressiveness, though I love him dearly. My hope is that the world sees more so who I really am through my words, as they are vessels for my emotions.

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Genre: Poetry

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