The Neo-Sophia of the 21st Century

Author: Rikem J Philippe


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This book of inspirations was more likely dictated by the Lord in its most contents. It is a book to help the youth, the elders, the kids likewise, the ministers, the Christians to know Jah' better, and penetrate his presence filled of reverence to come out with power and visions. This book is to lift up the guts of humanity, to open, and show the importance that human shares in living on this planet. It is to encourage, to appreciate life, to consider the future with light, and site of wisdom, freedom, liberty, and wealth. This is to learn while we're sharing the existence, to learn that your real world isn't here, but you are not to die but to live eternal life in your world to come. To show that we came on Earth, each one of us, for special mission or missions well determined and expect to report our passes as well as our future. You came nicked, you're here for a special purpose, and you're going back nicked, broken, off guts, humiliated, and sad. Sometimes, filled of regret, nostalgia, and agony.

This book will explain how we've been made by Jah', our Creator, and His different names according to the miraculous circumstances. It will also open how bad human behavior stands for; how obligated, unfaithful we remain. It will make the youth acting sensitively righteous,conscientious, well stand, loyal, and honest. It will identify mankind protection as a responsibility of his neighbor like vice versa mutually to make a balance in between creatures of different spices, and of humanity. To be wise enough, to be faithful and recognize to teach humankind humility, to reach to the puzzle of their needs, to learn our Creator's duty, to know His value in our lives, to avoid being envious, jealous, and criminals.

Before you judge, you should penetrate the facts and the essence of knowledge. Sometimes, you need the filling of thoughts that was occasionally announced the circumstance of the manner of saying. You need a spirit of compassion and mercy to encourage the thinker while at the same time your critics can built expertism. This book will make you develop your senses of value to think your destiny's parallelogram to the others destiny's. Though we may be born, and raised from different parents, different countries, different climates, different cultures, and uses; we are all children of the same Jah' from different mothers. In one word we are brothers, and sisters of different mothers. Our signatures remain the same. We breathe the same, we eat, we drink, we grow ,and we flush the same way. We behave the same, we act, we emotion, we ambition, we share the same, and we partage the same envy realistically. Therefore, we come to realize that we are human, no matter what color, height, weight, and educations. We are all thesame minks, so let's minx!

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Pages: 212 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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