The Power of Poetry's - Inspired By Love and Tragedy

Author: Tres Augustine Parker (The Red Noose)


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Who am I?

am I Egyptian?

am I an Israelite?

I’ll never stop being proud of who I am.

so I choose to live in the light.

I can hear the devils rattle in the shadows.

sound the sirens of an age-old battle.

I’ll always put up a good fight.

Questions drive the universe.

thoughts shape reality.

father, please forgive me of my transgressions.

I just have too many questions.

So, I sit back an(listen)like Horton because the lessons I’ve learned are


Who am I?

you are My(son) a lion of Judah with the mark of the Buddha.

whom I carved out of clay blessed with a beautiful heart

your mother shall name you Tres..

have faith in me.

God is the answer to all equations.

The time is now to raise your vibration

Have you ever seen life through both lenses?

Sometimes what captivates the eyes is not as appealing as too what’s in your heart.

It’s your destiny to experience the most marvelous things with such a limited amount of time.

I am Darkness.

I am light.

Sprout wing and fly,

But first love yourself.

Growth is a natural high.

“The only thing scarier than death is not fulfilling gods promise for your life”

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The pros and cons of life dualities.

The writers is very unconventional but has good head on his shoulders. I like how the poems flow. It alls sounds original and fresh Pure, and straight from the heart.

by Tres Augustine

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Pages: 82 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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