Gen XIX - The End

Author: Tyler Gaches


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In the year of 2100, the world becomes overpopulated, the number of people reaching over fifty billion. Every day there are people starving to death and homeless families living on the streets. Gang violence is rampant, and prisons are overrun with criminals. There is just no nice place to live in the world anymore.

In order to come up with countermeasures, all countries come together to find a way to stop all this madness. They bring in a young scientist who thinks he has found a solution to the problem. He invents a drug that he names Gen XIX, aka the End, which will prevent people from reproducing. It will neutralize a human being’s reproductive system. The young scientist thinks that the governments will only use the drug in some of the worst areas in the world, but he later finds out that all the countries have introduced the drug into their main water supplies without the public’s knowledge. They were planning to stop the overpopulation with genocide!

Ten years pass, and it’s the year 2110. By this time, the public has discovered what the government has done. The creator of the drug succeeds in making a temporary cure, which he calls the Gen XX, aka Life. Once used, it will stay in the body for three months, long enough for a female to become pregnant with a child. The government uses this in their favor, allowing the public to think they will have a chance to have children once again. The government puts a law out that a citizen wanting to have a child must apply for Life, pass a writing test to show that they are knowledgeable, and pay fifty thousand dollars for one dose. This rules out most of the world’s population except for the upper classes and people in the government.

In the year 2160, the scientist who created Gen XIX and Gen XX passes away, taking with him the knowledge of how to make Gen XX. By the year 2200, the world runs out of Gen XX and has a population of only one million people. While most people fear the possibility of human extinction, others welcome the thought of it, thinking that humans deserve it. Not many people are left in the world, and only about fifty thousand are left in the United States. With so few people, not many are working. This has left stores empty and people starving once again. In the year 2222, the only way to live is by forming groups and moving on with life from city to city. Some are just trying to stay alive, some simply want everyone dead, and others are trying to find a way to make Gen XX once again.

Tie and three of his best friends are on the hunt for survival, not wanting anything to do with Gen XX. In the midst of their struggles, they will find themselves playing a small part in saving mankind.

In 2011, I was told about a book that I should read. Most people that know me, know that reading is not my favorite thing to do. Reading has never been my passion and I would usually only read if it was for an assignment. However, the book called The Hunger Games piqued my interest. It is a book about survival. So, I got a copy of the first book and decided to read it. I enjoyed it so much that it inspired me to write my own. It didn’t come easy. I have had two other attempts to write something, but I never went through with it until one day when I was out with my friends. I’m a traveling nurse and I like going all over the country. I was in California working when three of my friends made the decision to come visit me. We went to Red Rock Canyon for the day, then to a brewery that I wanted to show my friends. At the brewery, my friends were having a conversation about politics. I’m not the one that really likes to talk politics, so when they would have those types of conversations I would zone out and think about something else. They started talking about something to do with women and if they should have the choice to have an abortion or not. They really were pushing for me to join the conversation. I didn’t want to take sides or for anyone to get upset about what I would have to say. So, I thought of something very quickly to say. I said what if they could neutralize everyone so that we didn’t have to have these types of conversations between each other and then people would have to apply for the antidote to have children.

This way people wouldn’t get pregnant if they didn’t want to. Similar to birth control but more effective. My friend Paul then looked at me and said, “That would make a great story.” This is how I came up with the idea for the trilogy of Gen XIX. I hope one day that Suzanne Collins gets to read my book and enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed reading her book. I also hope that my book inspires someone else to write a book.

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