WHOZ YOUR DADDY: The Misadventures of Mike and Spikes

Author: Tony William Aroya


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Whoz Your Daddy; The Misadventures of Mike and Spike is the story of two sperm cells, each of whom is determined to fertilize an available ovary. What this book basically is a love letter to the human race. We waste so much time on hate, loathing, war and other idiotic endeavors that we don't realize how powerful and productive we can be ganging up on life and fighting all its myriad problems collectively. Though neither of them has any real concept of what it means to be "alive", Mike and Spike have basic, inherent human knowledge, and it's this that allows them their opinions and perspectives.

Anthony Aroya is first and foremost a loving father, brother, son, uncle, grandfather and cousin to the best family ever put on this earth. He's a native New Yorker and loves everything this wonderful city has to offer, painful though it can be, at times. It has constantly inspired him as an author, actor and artist and never given him a dull moment. As a writer of plays, film, poetry and children's books creativity is what he exists for. Starting out with drawing his own cartoons at the age of seven, mister Aroya has continued his pursuit of the literary and performing arts with works on stage, screen and television.

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Pages: 60 | Trim Size: 8.5x11

Genre: Juvenile

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