The Silence Within

Author: Adam Herndon


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The Silence Within is my shadow. A vent of reflection of self and the world around me. A quest to find balance in the chaos of my reality. I hope to reach part of the mind that seeks to understand purpose. Most of my time on this plane has revolved around a single word that has formed a question that I have never found an answer to. That question is why. The only answer I have found thus far is that there are no answers. Every answer I think I find just becomes another question. From this position, I seek and understand the essence of life. To take the things that occur in life, examine these events, and share the knowledge gained. I hope that I have been inspired in ways that will inspire others in ways that will help us unify and improve ourselves for the benefit of our future.


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Black & White

Pages: 180 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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