Moonlight Within

Author: Bre Walmsley


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Throughout history, there has been a constant conflict between darkness and light, with warriors rising up to defend against the darkness. Many years later, a scandalous secret was uncovered and a child was separated from their family to ensure their safety. A young woman, who has faced her own challenges, is searching for her true identity when she meets a mysterious boy. Together, they face real-world problems and discover family secrets that reveal the true nature of the ongoing war. As they embark on a journey filled with drama, secrets, and lies, the couple must decide if they are ready to confront the battle ahead.

Hello, my name is Bre Walmsley and I am an aspiring writer. I have spent countless hours honing my craft and perfecting my ability to create compelling characters and captivating stories. My passion for writing began at the age of eleven, when my grandmother shared with me her own remarkable life experiences. Inspired by her stories, I set out to write my very own book, incorporating her as a character within the pages. Writing has become a true passion of mine, and I am excited to continue my journey and share my unique perspective with the world.

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My first achivement was challenging but I love the outcome.

by Bre

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Pages: 74 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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