Avalon’s Vault

Author: M. E. Castanares


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This is a sequel to the book Ellie's Journal. The story continues three and half years after Emily is brought back to life by Serena. Emily's life along with her family's life have become normal over the years. Her parents Daniel and Ellie are happy and expecting. Her father Daniel is no longer a vampire and with a new baby set to arrive, they all look forward to a mortal future. However, that soon changes as Emily discovers the gift of life granted to her all those years ago, was not the only gift given to her by Serena. Emily comes to realize this the day she meets Sam a traveler passing through town and ends up saving his life. Emily learns she has been given the gift of magic. And along with it, a destiny to be the finder and protector of the long-lost artifacts that belonged to the once ancient and magical place called Avalon's Vault. As Emily's new destiny is revealed so too does Sam discover he is no longer normal but rather, from one unfortunate nightly encounter becomes cursed. Emily and Sam instantly bond and a new friendship is created. Yet, as Emily and Sam try to accept their new destines an evil magical force named Zara and her vicious animal army prey on Sam's curse as they too seek out the powerful artifacts and will stop at nothing to find them.

Alongside Emily in the battle against Zara and her army are Daniel her father, Cy a genius inventor, Sam and strangely a mystic source that only Emily can see and hear, Serena. With Serena's guidance, Emily must learn to develop her powers and accept her destiny before Zara dominates and turns everyone into her army of wolves.


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Black & White

Pages: 206 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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