Money Ova Lead

Author: Tito A. Wroten


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MONEY OVA LEAD was created when I was just 13 yrs old but just hadn't realized how my life was created. I would iron my auntie's clothes for a week to helping neighbors clean out there garage or basement to make money to the point I realized that it was destined to bring some type of money in so as time passed I meet new people and new ways to make money but the idea of money over lead came about when I was 20 years Young I would listen & watch other hustlers brag about going to clubs cars etc. But never once did I hear anyone say I'm gonna stack my money and get a decent place to live and settle down and get a job, so as they partied there money away and etc. I saved, but there comes a time where you say damn it's been almost 20 yrs and I still haven't got a place or settled down got money and still haven't used any LEAD. Money is always ova Lead But always know that Money isn't always good and Money always bring problems which is LEAD.

TITO ANTONIO WROTEN BORN MARCH 6, 1974 to mother and father Toya and Fred Wroten in Asheville North Carolina. A boy turned man at an early age and was very mature for his age but was destined for greatness.. MONEY OVA LEAD 4 LIFE!!!

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