30 Day Affirmations for Recovery

Author: Tiara Hill


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The book 30 Day Affirmations for Recovery is to bring the light back to your life. It is proven that saying Affirmations everyday brings you closer to self. It will help you while on your journey to recovery. I was told often times while in recovery you look down on yourself and this book is meant to bring positive to you during your darkest time. Enjoy the book and I am rooting for you as you continue on your path to Recovery.

Hello Loves, my name is Tiara Hill and I am a Mother of 4. I work at a Recovery Treatment Facility with individuals who are recovering from Drug and Alcohol addiction. I wrote this book because so many patients would say there is nothing out there that helps them spiritually and mentally so I created this book just for that purpose.

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An amazing personal journal full of positive affirmations to guide you through your recovery!

I got to read through this new 30 Day Affirmations for recovery Journal today and I absolutely loved it! Tiara Hill blew it out of the water! As a fellow friend in recovery, one thing I can say truly helped me (tremendously) in my recovery in regard to my own self confidence was being mindful, and practicing positive affirmations daily!! Sounds so simple and so small but it doesn’t come easy to all of us. Whether I believed these affirmations or not during my journey at First.. and as silly as I felt doing them the first week or so out loud, I completely relearned how to start speaking to and of myself in a positive, healthy way again… which is huge after never learning to before from anyone else. This journal is one I wish I’d had in the beginning of my sobriety and one I am still planning to purchase because even today it’ll only be that extra reminder I still find myself needing sometimes! A+++ Tiara, you killed it girl! ❤️

by Laura M.

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