Kingdom Unknown

Author: Vashti


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What do you see, far across the sea?

Dare I say, know I not thee.

For thee is why I talk to ye and that is how we plea!

Plea the case we fight!

The name that keeps our hearts all strong, with eyes all wide we sing!

In the name of our legacy, we all rise, rise for home and what's inside.

A Queen so bright, the purest light, and a daughter filled with pain.

So, traverse the lands and feasts upon the story still unclaimed.

In her name, we all rise, rise to live once again!

Stretch your wings and set your heart ablaze. A journey filled with deception and deceit will take you down a path "Unknown". A queen's honor, a king's legacy, and a daughter's future hang on a thread. An invisible thread of lies filled with nothing but suffering. The madness of the hallows storms our land. Their cries weep throughout the hidden kingdom and set tremble in the hearts of the heartless. Still, within this darkness, a bright light illuminates from afar. It fills the land with a new hope. Even if the night was distasteful, the morning will surely be sweeter than before.

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Black & White

Pages: 122 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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