Math for the Folks: Slow to Anger Quick to Rise

Author: Vincent C. Jones


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"Math For the Folks: Slow to Anger Quick to Rise" is a composition of essays, poems, and sermons covering my own perilous journey with the mathematical craft over the last few years. It is not a mathematics textbook, per say, and as such, I hope that the reader remains "undaunted" and therefore inspired by the various avenues of my thought process that go far beyond mathematics and into other areas of life. Further, staying true to my own childhood beliefs and conceptions, I pray that this book reads like a journal that outlines many themes of the American experience, among which are sports, family, math, music, politics, and most importantly, my relationship to myself, others, and a God placed high above me. Enjoy! There will be much more to come!

Hello, dear friend! I am a twenty-four year-old mathematician and educator, currently residing in the Greater Chicago area. Originally from a midsized suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, I completed my undergraduate studies in mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania before briefly working as a resident teacher in the Baltimore Public School District throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, I am a postbaccalaureate fellow in the mathematics department at Northwestern University and plan to commence study for a Doctorate of Philosophy next fall. My goal, in the near future, is to make mathematics accessible, fun, cool, "giddy", and downright "righteous" for youth and the rest of the world. To the "adulters", this means that my research interests are analysis (calculus with proofs), mathematics education, and mathematical music theory. It's great to meet you!

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