Family Planning: Rules for a Healthy Cult

Author: Nations United Together Society - NUTS


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This self-help book for cult leaders is ideal for anyone with a sense of humor! Dark and provocative humor… In a satirical twist, it uses short stories about 40 different cults as case studies to teach the vital steps for starting your own cult. The lessons will ensure that your cult becomes a vibrant, flourishing network of submissive lemmings and extension of God’s will, interpretable by no one but you!

Nations United Together Society (NUTS) is a cult that specializes in cult leader development and a penname organization. The problem with this book is that it might make emotionally regulated individuals less gullible, while the problem with people is that many are nuts. Whereas humor brings out the best in me, it has a habit of bringing out the worst in others. I want money, but I also want to stay alive, and I don’t need any lunatics obsessing about how to disagree with me on that fact. It wasn’t meant to be. It’s me, not you, I promise. XOXO.

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Pages: 406 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Religion

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