Maiden Voyage

Author: Keegan Bruce


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Stephan Downs is quite possibly one of the luckiest boys alive. He gets to travel on the new ship RMS Titanic with his father on her maiden voyage. While he only travels in second class, the features and amenities of the class are still jaw-dropping. The libraries, lounges, and saloons of the second class are still on par with first-class facilities on other ships. On board, he begins to make new acquaintances, explore the ship, and uncover every best spot to roam around.

The night of April 14 is inconspicuous. However, after the ship infamously strikes an iceberg, Stephan uncovers the truth hidden by the crew; the unsinkable ship is sinking. However, once the discovery is made, it's already too late. Stephan and his father must now battle the icy Atlantic as the ship sinks lower and lower, and Stephan becomes moments from an icy demise . . .

Keegan Bruce was born March 12, 2009, in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. He first learned of the Titanic and her story when he was seven, directly providing a topic for the book. He likes to read, write, and play video games; and he plays hockey during the winter. He lives with his mother and father, brother, and two dogs in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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Black & White

Pages: 80 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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