Loving Sheila for 8 Years

Author: William Flynn


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I prayed to God for a woman of my dreams and when I saw her,

I found love at first sight. While we enjoyed splendid vacations

together she inspired me to write poems that marked the times of

our lives and the love we shared. So strong was my love for her

beauty grace and poise, that I couldn’t hardly take my eyes off her

and I held her hand until she passed away at my side.

Being a man who had lost meaningful work and divorced from a

marriage that crumbled before it could get fixed, I needed love to

replace the hole in my heart. Stepping forward and asking God to

help me restore the most needed spiritual gift, love, I was blessed

to meet a woman that fit all my secret wishes, desires, and needs.

With sincere gratitude for the exactly 8 years together, for I met

Sheila on September 30 2012 and she died October 1, 2020, I

wanted to tell the world that love is abundant for the asking. My

prayers were answered, your fervent prayers will be too.

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Genre: Poetry

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