What’s The Worse That Can Happen?



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In sunny San Diego in the Bay Terraces area, six groups of friends who recently graduated from Lincoln High School decided to take a road trip to Mexico City. Daria and Zara are twin sisters; Daria is the levelheaded, logical one, while Zara is the mellow cello, self-involved twin. Skylar has been a lifelong friend of the twins since kindergarten, and she is a sweet, outgoing, intelligent girl with overprotective parents. Opposite of them are Christian, Zachary, and Joshua. Christian and Zachary are cousins. When Zac's parents died, he moved into Christian's house, and they were raised together as brothers. The cousins have known the twin and Skylar since kindergarten. Joshua, the boy's neighbor, came into the group in middle school. He is known for being a playboy, but he does have a soft side for someone in their group. The six friends have been known to have a good time together. Whether it's a Halloween party or a family barbecue, these six people coming together is never a dull time.

Born in Washington D.C, live in the city of brotherly love Philadelphia, she is 23 years old, was homeschooled since the 4th grade all the way to graduating high school with high honors. Currently, enrolled at Community College of Philadelphia getting her associates degree in Culinary Arts, she not only goes to school but she also works part-time at her job. During her spare time she writes short stories, poetry, cooks, and spends time with the people she loves.

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Genre: Fiction

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