Hiking and Discovering In England - Book 1 - Exploring The North

Author: Linda Loder


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My book is about a personal discovery of hiking and travel in the North of England. It recounts the journey of discovery about how to hike and how to travel with hiking as the main focus. It also describes the nature of the discoveries, both personal and cultural as I explore the four main national parks in the north of England. These parks are; The Yorkshire Dales, The Yorkshire Moors, The Lake District and The Peak District. Along with the discovery of hiking is the discovery of the cultural history of the areas described. Since National Parks in England are not only areas of beauty but of cultural significance, there is much to learn. We learn about historical figures associated with the area. We find historic sites with their own resident heroes and are able to walk in their footsteps as we hike. We also are privy to settings that are used for T.V. shows and movies which is often a motivating factor to encourage people to visit the area.

This is an “Off the Beaten Track” area of England and not usually included on guided tours. By taking a Boots On approach to travel rather than a Car Oriented Road Trip, we are able to discover much about the history of an area and how to explore it by hiking rather than driving by. It is Slow Travel, and a chance to see the real England, not the tourist England.

Linda is a retired educator and confirmed traveler. Since her retirement in 1999, she and her husband Trevor, have continued to make yearly frequently, bi-yearly trips to Britain to indulge in their favourite activity which is hiking. When home in Ottawa, Linda leads a busy life which includes having written a series of 5 travel guides to England the content of which she presented in night courses held locally. The travel guides led to course books on history and hiking in various parts of England- all of which were presented to eager students in her evening courses. She also authored a book outlining the history of “The 12th Night Society” of which she and Trevor were members for 20 years. While this kept her busy until 2014, painting scenes from her holidays in England have continued to the present. These paintings are pictured in her book on Hiking in the North of England. Linda is curious about the cultural aspects of travel and includes discoveries made on their hiking journeys in England. She is also concerned about the healthful aspects of their holidays and in recent years has included a pre-holiday cruise to England as part of the experience. Relaxation and rejuvenation following by hiking and exploring.

These experiences all play a part in her approach to travel and specifically travel to the U.K. which she is anxious to share with you. She hopes this book will be the first one of others focusing on different areas of England, especially the South West where they have spent a great deal of time since 2008

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