DAY v/s Night

Author: Sierra M


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DAY v/s Night features a collection of 24 poems that express the thoughts and feelings one might have during the day and night. It explores the connection one might have with nature and their sense of belonging in the world. Gathered in the pages of this book are words that I wanted to use to stimulate the senses of the readers and transport their minds into places where you could be to experience the emotions of that moment. A wellrounded book of poetry that has some of everything. While reading through you will find poems that will make you chuckle, cute ones that will make you smile, some that are weird and thought provoking, cool ones, and a little romance sprinkled in.

Sierra M. was born and raised in the city of Chicago. Growing up, she always wanted to make a mark on the world. With that, her dreams to become an Interior designer, writer and professional volleyball player came into thought. During her time in high school, she had taken architecture and creative writing courses. Those courses fueled her interest and she continued them in university. She majored in Interior Design and had taken creative writing courses there as well. Tackling her list of dreams, writing is the path she is taking now. DAY V/S NIGHT will be her first publication. It is a book of poems written in high school with the exception of some written this year. She believes that words are transcending and allow you to connect with many. So, through her writing she wants to touch the hearts and lives of readers.

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Pages: 36 | Trim Size: 8.5x8.5

Genre: Poetry

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