The Hero and the Misfit

Author: Albert Rosenberg


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The future of man and society rests with man himself. Just as our technological future depends on our understanding of the working of nature, so our social future depends largely on our scientific understanding of the future of the workings of society. If we are to control and direct social life toward ends we believe to be worthwhile, we must first be able to explain and understand the mechanism of society in general, and for our own society in particular. This study, called social science, is obviously of vital importance today, and for this reason, it has been selected as the subject of this book.

Albert Rosenberg, a Canadian citizen, is currently the CEO of a Swiss company domiciled in Zurich, Switzerland, with a branch office in Toronto; the name of the company is Arwa Holdings AG/LTD, an investment bank. It was financed with his family trust in Switzerland. Mr. Rosenberg is an expert day trader of stocks on most of the world markets. Mr. Rosenberg has a BS in Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University in Toronto; he also has an MBA from the University of Zurich.

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Genre: History

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