Finding Her Again

Author: Aqsa Dhanani


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 A girl that lost who she entirely was when her life was taking a steep decline. Going through both highs and lows of being a teenage girl. Different feelings, thoughts, and experiences in each poem, making it a rollercoaster ride of emotions whilst reading them. Having only few things bring joy to her, she drowns in her sadness. Continuously trying to swim up to shore, she stays awake knowing things will get better.

Growing up I have always loved to write, but I never took it seriously until recently with this book. My best friend gave me the idea of publishing a book after she read one of my poems, and that really started everything for me. I went through numerous amounts of interests like, drawing, painting, and photography, but I never loved it as much as I loved writing. All of the poems in my book are scattered and out of order on purpose. To symbolize how things get better, then worse, then better again. The two poems before my outro poem are dedicated to my family because they all have supported me through everything. Most of the poems in the book are about personal experiences of mine that others can relate to. Being of a foreign descent, it made sharing experiences a bit harder for me. Poetry became an outlet of mine, to let out all of my thoughts into pretty words.

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Great book with meaningful poems

While it's true I don't read much poetry, I was still able to find myself engaged and attentive while reading Finding Her Again. The book almost feels like a small journey with the tonal shifts throughout, and- as stated in the "About the Author" section above- this was intentional to help reassure to the reader that things will eventually get better. It's a significant message and this book proves it. It's a short read; written very well; and is enjoyable from start to finish. A handful of the poems took me a few reads to fully understand, but once I got it, I appreciated it even more. It's evident there was a lot of effort put into this book and I hope to see more from the author in the future! Easy recommend for teenagers and young adults alike!

by Ryan

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Pages: 64 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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