If Penguins Could Fly

Author: J.A. Algecira


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The feeling of absolute solitude. Sorrow and wary, surround and consume. No exit, nowhere to escape. The sentiment of not being able to breathe so having no choice but to chug the water. The fermented breathy soil is yearning for more. But even when all is lost one must stand angry and strong, even if it’s on their toes. Rage is necessary, for the world is unjust. Agony is an emotion all shall face, now or later is destiny’s path. A longing, a yearning for a great solace that one has never known, craving the great hiraeth.

Jelenne Afonso-Algecira is a young author who decided to publish short poems with great motivation and support from friends and family. She started out writing as a child making short songs. The poems are known for invoking sad and occasionally angry emotions. She describes them as “the feeling of being a stranger to everyone except yourself, absolute solitude no matter how many people around”

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Black & White

Pages: 54 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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